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Recently I encountered a married guy who said he has been separated from his wife for a year, in transition, and have stayed put so far because of children. He is asked me questions that indicate he is interested in more than sex. He is a good match for me though I have not gave him greenlight because he is married. Is there a chance with him?Is he a typical married guy who won't leave his wife? What should I do?

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    I can tell you what I'd do, which is give this guy a pass. He's "separated" but won't actually leave "because of the children"?? If he really wanted to leave this marriage, he would have left already and made some sort of arrangement about the kids; divorcing couples do this all the time. So there's a better-than-average chance that he will be "separated" in perpetuity. And you'll be kept waiting for something that will never happen.

    So unless your goal is to be the permanent girlfriend of a married man, your best bet is to move on and find a guy who is actually available.

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    His actions prove that he is not about to leave his marriage, and his words prove that he is not being honest with you about it.

    Move on. There are plenty of better prospects out there.

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