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My Boss is inappropriate. Fairly new position, 6 months. Professional company.
He makes eyes with me one minute then jokes around calling me "old" the next. He texted me at 11pm one evening making small talk. One day he brought up a newstory about graphic domestic violence. He wastes everyone's time.
How do I make this stop?

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    I recommend a two-pronged approach:

    1. Delete his texts and do not reply to them. When he starts discussing inappropriate subjects, tell him that you don't want to discuss that. Full stop. Walk away if you have to. If he makes inappropriate jokes or statements, tell him that you do not find them funny and ask him to please stop. He may joke that you're too sensitive, which is a common response for people like your boss; it's a form of gaslighting. However, if he has any brains at all, he'll get a clue and stop.

    2. Document document document! If he continues in spite of being warned not to, you need to get HR involved. Your boss' behaviour is having an effect on his employees' productivity and creating an unhealthy work environment. Any professional company worth a damn will care about this, since decreased productivity and potential lawsuits affect their bottom line.

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