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Dear Vixens,

I recently had a major problem with my car... It would have been more than $2000 to fix, and I took it to a mechanic I know. The guy (who does not own the shop) fixed it properly, but did not charge his labor so it cost only a few hundred dollars for parts. And he did it because he's nice and also because he asked me when I'm going to replace that 12 year-old car and I told I'm buying back my ex's half of our house, so the car needs to last. It's not a dire situation, but it's a financial strain.

When I picked up the car, and saw that it was more than $1000 less than expected, I thanked him profusely. I mean, I thought there was an error in the bill.

I want to send him a Christmas card and thank-you note and put something in it. I was thinking a $50 gift card for gas. Is this appropriate?


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    That would be a very nice gesture. I'm sure he'd be very pleased to receive an acknowledgement that his kindness was appreciated.

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    A great idea. Unless you know for sure (through conversation) that he'd happily use a gift card for a bookstore or a specialty cheese store or something along those lines -- in which case, you can personalize the gesture a little more with that gift card. But I'm *sure* a gas card will be appreciated!

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