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Hi all. I'm a Canadian, but I'm going to speak for the entire world outside America for a minute...

Looking at it as dispassionately as possible, your nation appears to have been hijacked by a corrupt cabal of entitled lunatics.

Please vote tomorrow for someone who will change that. We *like* you people, and we really don't want you to have to be going through all this.

Thanks, and good luck tomorrow!

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    As a fellow Canadian with dual-citizenship who has lived most of her life in the U.S., the current situation has me flummoxed as well. Going to do my part and vote BLUE tomorrow.

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    U.S. citizen here. My husband and I voted against the entitled lunatic's people. Just like we've done every election day. Fingers crossed.

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    Well, we here in Arizona took your advice and flipped this state blue! I have some issues with our new Senator, but she aces Iron Man Triathlons, so I have no doubt that she will easily handle the whiny, little white boys in D.C.

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