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Hey vixies! I have a question. My husband and i live a 2 hour flight away from each other. The airport is an hours drive from my place and there are 3 airports close to his place. He does not own a car but always takes an uber to pick me and drop me from the airport. He can get an uber coming to my house from the airport but not vice versa. I have been going to pick him up but it takes 2 hours of my time. I always drop him to the airport even for his early morning flights. He comes and picks me up even if I book a ticket to a far away airport. So my question is, is it selfish of me to ask him to take an uber from the airport to my house since he always picks me. Also an uber costs 60$. I am job hunting and trying to move to where he is so i have a lil more extra work than him. However my job is a lot less demanding than his is. What is your take on this? He is coming to visit me today and I am in 2 minds about picking him up.

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    I'd say pick him up, unless you have a pressing engagement. It would be hard to justify not doing it otherwise and would lead to arguments and bad feelings about his visits.

    You could use the time driving him back to strategize about your job hunt and leave the rest of the visit to catch up.

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    Agreed. Pick him up if you are able to do so. Don't look at it as two hours of your time -- look at it as driving to the airport to take advantage of the opportunity to spend an extra hour with him.

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    Definitely pick him up. Few things make flying worthwhile like getting off of a plane and seeing someone's face light up at the sight of you.

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