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Wedding guest etiquette! My boyfriend of 1.5 years is a groomsman in his close friend's wedding and I am his plus-one. His friend is from out of town so I've only met him a handful of times and I've never met any of his family, his fiance, or their friends. Obviously I'll be sitting by myself during the ceremony, and I'm guessing will be solo for the cocktail hour as well since that's when the wedding party & family do photos, right? I'm also not sure what the seating arrangements are for the reception but hopefully I won't be solo for that.

I'm an introvert and socially a bit awkward and it's kind of overwhelming to think about being at a big event like this and having to spend time on my own. Obviously this is a good growing opportunity for me and I want to show my support for the new couple by not being a total cling-on to my boyfriend. Any tips for how to be a good guest, and how to socialize with others who know each other well when I don't know anyone?


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    Hey I am an introvert so i know exactly how you feel. :) I would say invest in a really pretty dress, get great accessories and make up. If you think you look your best it automatically boosts your confidence level. Its a wedding so there would always be some last minute things that need to be taken care off. Volunteer to hep with those. It will give you a good feeling about helping someone and also being busy takes off some of the stress of these social events. Smile and listen to what people are saying. Most people will include you in the conversations and will be interested in you. :)
    Best of luck and tell me how it goes!

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    Ah yes - small talk. The bane of every introvert's existence. You should know you're not alone - Shalini and I are in the same boat as you! About 25-30% of the population has the same struggle. So some of the people at your table are going to be feeling awkward too.

    An introvert's best weapon in these situations is the question-and listen tactic. Ask them how they know the bride or groom. Listen to what else they talk about. Are they from out-of-town? Out-of-state? They'll probably ask you the same sort of questions. If you have an amusing (but not too embarrassing or personal) anecdote about the groom, share it. And yes - if you can, please take Shalini's excellent advice and offer to help with something.

    When talking to the bride and groom, thank them for inviting you. And compliment them on something that you thought was particularly lovely or touching. Planning a typical big wedding tends to be very stressful, so some validation that it turned out well is always welcome.

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    Thanks! I'll definitely use all of those tips! I appreciate the encouragement and suggestions, and I'm already feeling less nervous about it :)

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