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Are you serious??? Why on earth would you ever want to contact this douchebag?

He had a tantrum when he wasn't given sex on demand. It didn't matter if he was sexually frustrated - his "right" to sex ended at your right to not have sex when you weren't ready or didn't want to. Full stop, non-negotiable. Yet he punished you for not giving him what he wanted at that moment. That is not the reaction of a person who considers you to be a fellow human being with rights over her own body. He just thought about what he wanted, to the exclusion of what you wanted.

And you want more of this? Why???

This guy is not worth one more second of your valuable time, energy or mind space. Wipe him off your shoes like the excrescence that he is. There are decent, worthy guys out there for you - this douchebag is not one of them.

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Anon, please listen to Jill.

Grown men who see women as actual human beings do not lash out when they feel sexually rejected.

Good grief.

You dodged a bullet, here. Forget about him and go on about your life. You deserve better than this.

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