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i recently met a guy i like. there are a couple of issues - his penis is small compared to guys i've been with, seems like he is not into sex as much as i am though we did not consummate yet. the other thing is that he keeps bringing up the same topic that i want to stay away from. it bothers me that he does not respect my boundaries or wait for me to be comfortable talking about the topic. what do you think?

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    The sex stuff is small potatoes next to not respecting your boundaries. That's a definite show-stopper and an excellent reason to pass on this guy. Life's too short to waste your valuable time on someone who doesn't respect you.

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    Listen to Jill.

    A small penis is no big deal. Whether or not he is as interested in and committed to your pleasure as he is to his own is all that matters where sex is concerned.

    But ... Not respecting your boundaries should be a deal breaker.

    This is not the guy for you.

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