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so i ran into a group of guys tonight at a bar. two guys who are close friends are interested in me. i kissed them both in the same night. one guy knows; the other guy doesn't. both know that each other is interested in me. i am attracted to both somewhat but not madly attracted to either. they both asked me out. what do i do?

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    Why go out with either of them if you're not really all that attracted to them?

    Just because they asked you out does not obligate you to give either guy a "yes" answer. You are entitled to your own choices - it's your life, after all...

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    I second Jill's advice! If neither of them are exciting prospects to date in your eyes, then don't date either of them just for the sake of going out with someone. Keep looking!

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    Yup. "None of the above" is the way to go here. Wait for someone who *is* madly attractive.

    (Also -- Jill! Kay! Nice to see you both.)

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    I am coming late to this, but I agree with the above.

    You don't have to go out with either of them.

    Just have fun and live your life, and don't worry about dating until someone really interesting crosses your path.

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