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Iím really embarrassed! I saw my coworkerís penis. We have room (not stall) bathrooms in our workplace and I opened the door without knocking. The toilet is on the side wall and I walked in right when he stood there urinating. I screamed sorry and ran out. He knows I
saw him as there was no avoiding it. When he came out of the bathroom, he was extremely red and neither one of us brought it up. That was last week and weíve sorta avoided each other since. I actually always thought he was kinda hot and we had flirtations in the past. I donít know if this ruined it though. I guess in a weird way it kinda
excites me to know I saw his penis and Iím not sure why. I guess Iím wondering what to do. Should I bring it up or just drop the subject entirely?

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    Don't bring it up. This was embarrassing at the time and re-hashing it will only extend the awkwardness.

    The thing is, accidents like this are part of life. Generally, the awkwardness simmers down after enough time has passed. So I recommend that you act as though it didn't happen; if he brings it up, say something like, "It was my fault - I am SO sorry for not knocking" to put the focus on you and not what you saw. I don't know if he'll ever become comfortable enough for you to get back to your previous comfortable flirting. But it would be a kindness to not bring up this very awkward moment.

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    I agree with Jill's advice above. *Definitely* say what she suggested if it comes up, it was an accident after all. My guess is that based on his reaction it will damper the flirting for a while.

    If he continues to awkward for an extended period of time, there's really nothing you can do. And if he can't get over that it was an accident (and that he needs to also lock the door on his end!) then oh well. Don't beat yourself up about it, it was an accident, and I'm sure it will blow over!

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    I think you should buy him a drink to apologize.

    Things aren't getting less awkward so just dive in - before the end of the day one day this week just say something like "things aren't getting less awkward so how about I buy you a drink today after work for busting in on you. I'm so embarrassed, let me make it up to you."

    You'll have fun and the ice will be broken - then who knows!!!


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