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Hey ladies. I love my husband but we have extremely different political leanings. i.e. I'm a bleeding heart liberal, Trump hating, proud LGBTQ ally. He loves Trump, trolling people and posting racist memes. I'm getting to the point where with the current political climate, I can no longer turn a blind eye. I was raised that way to begin with. Please advise.

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    You love him -- why exactly? Right now all we know is that he enjoys trolling people and posting racist memes. It's awfully hard to suggest anything but dumping a racist troll, immediately if not sooner....

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    Kal, as usual, is spot-on with his advice. Your husband is not a great guy who sometimes does bad things. His racism and trolling are an integral part of who he is. And the current administration has made it very comfortable for such people to become more public and aggressive with their horrific beliefs and behaviours. If you stay with him, your respect for him will erode, as will your self-respect. Get out before that happens.

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    This isn't an episode of the Odd Couple. This will never be reconciled, and the fact that you went through with the marriage knowing full well that he's a racist buffoon shows poor judgment on your part and belies your alleged allyship.

    I'm with Kal. What else is there to do but file for a divorce? If he's a racist Trumphead then I'm sure he's a misogynist as well, so your life is only going to continue its downward spiral until you snip the cord.

    Do it. Hold yourself accountable.

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