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As summer approaches wasps are becoming a big problem. I like to keep the windows open but they keep coming in. I have netcurtains up but somehow some wasps manage to get through. I've heard that stuff like tea tree puts off wasps, how would I infuse the scent into the room? Or otherwise put off the wasps from coming in

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    I've been told that if there is another wasp nest in the area, a wasp won't go near the area. You can even make one with a paper bag (as in stuff a small bag with paper, tie the end and hang it) near the window. But net curtains won't do it - you should get screens for those windows and make sure the fit is snug.

    Also, I'm not sure about tea tree oil, but wasps don't like peppermint oil. So you could mix some with vodka and spray it around the outside of your windows to keep them away.

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