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So this a pretty awkward problem but Iíll just get straight into it. I often experience vaginal itching and discomfort, sometimes accompanied by thicker than usual discharge. I know itís not thrush because Iíve had that before and itís definitely not on that level; itís not painful or unbearable, just uncomfortable. These feelings, though mild, come on and off constantly. I am hygienic in that area, I shower every day, I donít use any perfumed or chemical products there, and I eat fairly healthily. I donít really know what I could be doing wrong! Does anyone have any at home tips of what I could do to reduce this? Any foods I should or shouldnít be eating? I donít really want to go to the doctor because itís not so bad that I feel the need to, plus I donít want to take medication. As a bit of background, Iím 20 and Iím not sexually active.

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    It sounds like a yeast infection. But you really should go to the doctor. Why put up with discomfort when you don't have to?

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    This could be a normal effect of hormonal changes that come with your cycle. But, there are home tests for yeast infections, so I would start there. If you test positive, there are over-the-counter remedies that don't involve you taking any medicine.

    As for what you can do to prevent this, look at how you dress. If you wear a lot of tight clothing or fabrics that don't breathe, that can contribute.

    Invest in a couple of long nightgowns and wear them without underpants at home. Or wear loose boxers to sleep in with nothing under them. Switch from nylon underwear to cotton for daytime, and if you normally wear a thong, go back to regular panties for awhile.

    It could also be an allergic reaction to laundry supplies. Try using a hypoallergenic detergent and hang your lingerie to dry instead of using dryer sheets.

    I hope this helps, and that you get it figured out!

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    Thanks for advice! I will invest in some nightgowns and perhaps some hypoallergenic detergent. Recently I started drinking cranberry juice and probiotics (because I've heard they help the chemistry in that area) and I've found it really helped

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    These are all great suggestions, I just wanted to add that for me I found switching to organic tampons and pads have absolutely helped me avoid itching and discomfort. I just tried them out because I had a 40% off coupon code!

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    (Health food store worker's 2 cents, also the other suggestions have been great!): Sleep with no panties on. Also, I don't know if this works for adults, but putting a spoonful of unflavored yogurt in a diaper once cured my friend's baby's yeast infection. There are lots of natural "flora" microbes that exist all over your body in a certain balance of different kinds, and sometimes our lifestyles cause one kind to overpopulate and crowd out the other kinds so things are not in balance. This may be called candida, and could cause all those symptoms too. It's helped by oral probiotics, if it turns out to be that. Glad they've been helping! I also take cranberry daily and find everything in that area is healthier, plus it keeps away UTI's. Good luck!

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