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Many months ago i had posted a dilemma about this guy i fell hard for. I met him through the indian arranged marriage system and we went our separate ways after he couldent commit.
I just couldent get him out of my head. So i just msged him before i was leaving for India and realized that he was going to be in India at the same time as me. We live in the same city. Then one day i saw him outside a restaurant in my city. I did not have the courage to go and speak to him so after that i msged him that I saw you. After that the last week of our trip he msged me that maybe we should meet. After that we met up 4 times! And then we kept in touch on text and skype. This time i had decided i am just gonna be myself and not try too hard or overthink like the last time.
We met again after coming back to the United States and now he is sure he wants to marry me!
I went through an annulment last year and this guy was the only person i really liked! I just wanted to share my happiness with you guys!

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    Not so fast. NOTHING is guaranteed.

    I am happy for you. Take a breath. Take 10 breaths.

    Please, please love and like yourself more then you like this chap. Then, you've got it made. Then, your happiness will be infinite.

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