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Lacy, frilly, sexy bras -- do you wear them? I like they way they look (on the rack) but they always seem to show through my clothes, because they're not smooth like my padded granny bras. Is the lacy bra for when you anticipate getting naked, or can they be everyday wear too? I'm out of the loop!

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    I don't care.

    I wear lacy bras under (dressy) t-shirts. Not often, but I do. I try to wear blouse-ier shirts over lacy bras.

    I simply don't care. It may be a fashion faux pas, but it wouldn't be my first and it won't be my last.

    Wait. What kind of shirts are you wearing that people can see through your shirts?

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    I do not wear lacy bras, but they do look nice!

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    I like to wear them under sweaters, waffle-knit henleys and other winter-weight knit tops. (I also think they are fabulously sexy under a tailored button-down shirt, but I cannot do buttons upside down.)

    Victoria's Secret used to make great lacy bras in a wide range of flesh tones that had a smooth texture so that you couldn't see the pattern through a thin T-shirt or silky top.

    And also, I'm with Maggie. It depends on how you wear it. I have a fiend in LA who can wear a black bra under a white tank top and look elegant enough for tea with the Queen.

    Frills, though -- lots of bumpy ribbons or pleats or ruching and stuff like that, though ... I dunno. I have the feeling that those are designed to be worn alone, or with a silky robe, maybe?

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    Okay, Robynne brings up a good point. If your bras are super-frilly? I haven't had Frederick's of Hollywood - style bras for years. They were impractical. I had to wear super-loose blouses ... I'll see if I can find an image of the kinds of blouses I'd wear.

    Wait. OR I'd wear a suit (jacket worn at all times).

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    The way these "poof" out away from the body help disguise bumpy lacy-ness. I prefer even more pattern b/c the pattern amps up the "diguise" - mode.

    I've even been known to wear a camisole (as an undershirt) to help.

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    I don't wear them either, I prefer the smooth ones, not padded, they are perfect for t-shirts or office, lace tends to somehow show under tops. Also, I wear a bigger size and buying bras, even gym ones, really costs a lot. But I will look into these ones once I get my budget back on track, thanks for the tip!

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    I usually get smooth T-shirt bras with a little lace trim around the edges that isn't noticeable under a shirt. But if I wear a lace bra I almost always (for work) layer a cami or tank top over it and under my other shirt. I always wear a cami under button down shirts anyway to avoid giving anyone an eyeful if it gapes open between the buttons.

    For casual wear I don't really care, if celebrities are parading around in underwear visible through a see through lace dress, no one is going to die if I have visible lace lines under a T-shirt lol!

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