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Dear Vixens, i am so unmotivated to exercise, but i do want to be fit and finally commit to my goals. but then i wake up every morning with not much will, bc maybe deep down i dont believe i can change. I always wake up ready to take the day and then I will ditch all responsibility and hop on my comouter, it's a terrible habit! But i procrastinate all day long and i dont work out or cleanor do anything, such a rut i am stuck in, has anyone ever been such a sloth, & how do you deal?
- Terminally Lazy

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    You push yourself.

    You see, I've always had unhealthy eating patterns and working out or just being active definitely wasn't on my list of priorities. I even had a back problem diagnosed and still not much progress. It all changed after I had turned 29, so one year away from turning 30. I used this as a motivating factor. And a trip to Santorini where I would be on the beach all day long.
    I too had been fed up with the way I was eating, not exercising, low energy levels and wasn't doing anything about it.

    So, find something you want badly and make this your final reward but also break down your exercise plan into levels with its each smaller reward. Do the same with everything else that you don't feel like doing: write it down in a chart and for each not so pleasant thing you have to do write down the reward. Keep your mind on the reward and soon the not so pleasant thing will start to feel better.

    Another thing is to find a workout that is good for you, I prefer working out indoors for example, and set time during the day to follow through. When that time comes get up and get going. Once you start working out the endorphins will keep you motivated to keep going and come back.

    As you start making progress this too will keep you motivated.

    I am proud of myself for having changed my life by being healthier.

    I saw a video recently and it just made me want to work out like these women, be as strong as them:

    I'm off to do my workout, good luck!

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    Buy yourself a new work out outfit, new sneakers and maybe a new device to listen o music. Make amazing work out mixes, no better motivation than music!!!

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    Let's see... Whenever I am the skinniest, I am the busiest. No time to eat.

    My advice is to look at when you eat- and why. I eat when I am bored or want to celebrate or connect with friends.

    Also focus on what you eat. Is it REALLY delicious?? I have recently realized that the foods I used to enjoy are no longer enjoyable.

    I also know that when I drink all my good sense goes straight out the window.

    Remember, food is fuel!

    Lastly, how do you feel, physically? Because if I am not moving I feel like poo. My back starts to hurt and my legs get restless. Remember that weightloss is calories in, calories out.

    Good luck!

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    What it sounds like to me is that you aren't busy enough.

    I've just lost 25 pounds, mostly because I got a physically demanding job whose hours I don't control, and I have to walk more than a mile to get there.

    Before that, I did exactly the same thing you did -- woke up ready to go, plopped down in front of the computer and didn't accomplish much of anything all day. Day after day after day.

    Or I accomplished just enough to feel like I was working hard.

    So, if I were you, I would sign up and pay for specific workout classes or sessions with a personal trainer. You need a schedule that doesn't allow you to just blow stuff off.

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    I recommend finding an exercise buddy. Having someone else involved will help make you more accountable and more liable to not skip your workouts. Also, it can make the workouts more fun.

    Also, having a goal or reward can help as well. I remember needing to lose some weight and finding an epic pair of pants that only came in one size too small. I promised myself that I WOULD fit into those pants. So I put them away and exercised and adjusted my eating habits - and then lost enough weight that the pants ended up being a bit loose on me.

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    I'm boycotting Nike because of their tone deaf 'Law Enforcement Appreciation Day' in the wake of so many murders of unarmed black men at the hands of police but they do have a great slogan:

    Just Do It.

    That's really the thing. You gotta Just Do It.

    sometimes little successes can lead to bigger ones. - try setting a timer for 15 minutes and doing some house chore that you don't feel like doing. Your reward can be to get back on the computer after but you may feel so good about getting it done that you turn right around and go work out.

    Torper. Being stuck. It's a dangerous and very real thing.
    Remember that a body in motion stays in motion and get yours in motion.

    It's that easy and that hard. You gotta just get your own ass up. Or ask a friend to hound you. If you have a good enough friend who will just call and then call you back every five minutes until you answer huffing while you jog - that could work too.

    but you should be able to do it for yourself, and if you truly can't, you might want to seek some therapy cause you could really be suffering from some mild depression.

    But to me right now it just sounds like bad habits. Just shake up your routine - you'll get there.

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    I second everything listed above! Build a routine for yourself, sign up for exercise classes or commit to plans to get out with a friend, those kind of obligations will make you accountable! Track your progress with charts and weekly or monthly photos so you can see what you have accomplished and be proud. Also set goals, when you improve something or exercise consistently for so long, you can get a massage or treat yourself to some new clothes or exercise gear. Join a free online fitness community and find friends there, most of them offer challenges that you can join so you will be motivated to do your best.

    As for house chores, I agree with Miss Beth, set a timer and do the mad run gathering up dishes and clothes or doing whatever chore you don't want to do. Make lists of things you have to get done before you can get on the computer and stick to them, crossing items off a list can be very rewarding because you can look back on everything you accomplished for the day and it keeps you on a schedule.

    You can do this!

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