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Is anyone else fascinated by the news of Teresa Guidice? Prison! Yikes! I would be terrified!

I was so interested to hear what kind of sentence she would get. I am glad she is going away- but wonder how much time she will actually serve.

I don't watch her show but I was always amazed at the seemingly blatant disrespect of the law and lying of these two- especially since they have kids! You would think that as you are bringing up your children you would want to set a good example for them. And especially after her book deals and whatnot. Its not like these two were desperate and trying to survive. Once you are making money- at some point don't you feel like you should start doing the right thing???

What a bunch of idiots.

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    No, the exact opposite happens. The more money people make and the more "important" they think they are, the less empathy or sense of right and wrong they have because they believe that they are above the rules.

    That doesn't apply to everyone, of course.

    If you start out with a solid moral center, a realistic sense of your place in the universe and a group of people you respect and trust who will call you on your crap you can amass a fortune and not let it corrupt you.

    I think that the Guidicis had no center from the beginning, and being paid obscene amounts of money, lavished with attention and surrounded by butt-kissers just let their true natures come out.

    As for their poor kids, parents with no humility or grace have no values to impart, so no. Thy weren't worried about raising compassionate, honest children. They *are* children.

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    I think the whole thing is sad.
    These f'ked up reality TV housewife shows are utterly pretentious, drama-seeking, toxic-Environments, poisoning themselves and the viewers.
    I get it can be a 'guilty pleasure' but gosh, how much can people actually allow themselves to be subjected to this guilty pleasure? It's actually draining to watch after a while, and I've tried!
    The wealth they have and the wealth some of them pretend to have becomes a tiring reality they need to strive for. They try so hard by whatever means necessary to be better than their next door neighbor and the vicious desire never gets satiated.

    They are not spiritually connected nor are most of them intellectually gifted. So that doesn't help their situations any.

    It appears to be a sad state of affairs for them, their kids & other associated members of their lives.

    Teresa doesn't seem like a bad person. Appears she has learned some tough lessons and grown a bit, for the better.
    Who knows though?!

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