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Everyday on the news I hear of "sexual assault"... What the hell does that mean?

And is any other woman I know enraged at this candy assed coating label of RAPE??

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    THANK YOU. I agree. Bunch of bull shit designed to placate the masses. I am so tired of people pretending rape isn't a problem.

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    When I get a chance I'll link this article I read today on why Maya Angelou didn't believe in modesty. I think it's all connected. I think we've become a culture that is losing self-respect. In so doing, we are blaming women for rape (by not calling it rape).

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    "Sexual assault" is both a euphemism for rape and a blanket term to cover outrages ranging from being groped to being forced to provide oral sex at gunpoint, etc.

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    I'm not sure if you're on twitter but set yourself in front of #YesALLWomen or a list of them and, if one of the comments makes you bristle, read it again.

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