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Shameless plug!

My album is coming out on Friday the 13th (6 days! Aah!). I wanted to share a track from the upcoming album with you guys. I'm so excited about it. Feel free to pass it around and share:)

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    Great stuff!

    And without meaning in any way to question or impugn your plugging abilities, perhaps you may want to consider including information as to where and how we may purchase this fine product if we so desire?

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    I put my facebook page and twitter handle on there, because as of now, I'm not sure which website will be the best way of reaching it. I'm going through CD Baby, which distributes to pretty much everywhere online. So...just google my name and the album, honestly, and you should be able to find it when it's out on the 13th. But CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes (I believe)...

    Also, my website, I'm told, will be up and running very soon (my brother in law is doing it...and he's already kind of a month and a half behind schedule), and I will have direct links there--and it will be my preferred avenue once it's up and running. I just don't want to promote it until it's ready.

    (Edit: By "best" I mean "most profitable." I'm still trying to determine that, and then that will be the one I'll plug--but it will be available all over the internet).

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    Okay! CD Baby has a good reputation for letting artists profit from their work, and in my dealings with them, they've been quick and professional. But let us know your vendor of choice when the time comes...looking forward to hearing the whole album!

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    wow this sounds really good.

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    This sounds fantastic. Congratulations on the album release! Will be looking forward to it.

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    This is wonderful news! Congratulations!

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    :) So awesome, Sam. So friggin melty the way your voice slides into my ears.

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    This is great. I and the "new girl" are listening now. I'll find you on Twitter for updates!

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