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Can chemistry be one sided? I am INSANELY attracted to one of my students. Now catch this: I am 49, he is 27. Sounds perverted, delusional, and I harbor no hope nor intention for a relationship, but I CANNOT help the feeling.
Just walking close by, and the electricity feels like I am going to explode into stardust. The tone in his voice, the way he positions himself and extends his hands towards me, the way he looks at me, only helps to make it almost unbearable.
I feel like making it happen once to get it out of my system, but is it possible? Could someone that young possibly be attracted to a much older person?

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    Having been on both sides of this sort of situation, I can tell you that yes, it is definitely possible for feelings of this magnitude to be completely one-sided. Powerful crushes are like that, where thoughts about the other person consume your waking moments and you find yourself obsessed with whether the way they said "good morning" meant that they wanted to say that to you the morning after some serious sexytimes.

    And while it is possible for someone that young to be attracted to someone your age, the fact that he is your student should be enough to put the kybosh on any thoughts of pursuing this. So my advice is to allow this crush to run its course; eventually you'll look back on this time and wonder what the big deal was.

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