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Hey Vixens :) I hope everyone is well. I am starting a brand new full time job on the 29th, and I'm naturally a bit nervous.

After 4 rounds of interviews, some tests, background check, references etc.etc. I got the job. It took about 2 months, and I happily accepted the job offer as it's a company and position I was very interested in. My title will be a policy and property consultant for a large corporate relocation company here in the tri-state area (I'm in southern Connecticut very close to the city). It's a position that required someone whose held or holds a real estate license, so it is a great fit. That being said, what is making me most nervous really is adjusting to the schedule, culture (will I fit in with the culture?), and 'if I can do the job'.

Currently, I have 3 main, sometimes 4 part time jobs. It's chaotic and for many reasons I am looking forward to consolidating. Though, I am keeping my bartending job and life coaching/ social work job on the weekends for awhile. We'll see how it goes. My job experiences thus far have panned out to be worth it, thank god. However, my working situation as a whole over the past few years has been super bohemian. I'm really, really looking forward to having one job with regular hours, but I am just nervous for the overall adjustment.

It will be 8-5, and summer apparently is their busy season. Everyone I interviewed with told me I'll be coming in at a "crazy time". Eek. I am excited, but I already feel imposter syndrome! What if I 'can't' learn the programs? Etc.

I obviously believe in myself (somewhere deep down) but as the start date approaches my anxiety is getting the best of me. I'm trying to remind myself that I've worked hard in college and for the past few years to get a better job like this.

Do any of the vixens have advice for transitioning to a new job? Which really will be a totally new lifestyle for me. Or tips on work/ life balance? Tips for the first day/ week? I'm also worried since I've basically worked late evenings for the past 3 years, and getting up later, that I'll be super tired for the first few weeks. I want to be as sharp and awake as possible for training.

On my list is to have a lot meal prepped for the first week, and this week I've been starting to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

Thanks Vixens as always for any tips, insight, or support!

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    Congratulations on your new job!

    Imposter syndrome is very common - if you don't feel that, you're either the most confident person in the world or deluding yourself.

    And oftentimes it's not actually the job itself, but having to learn how that company does things, who is who and who does what that is the most troublesome, because they are all unknowns. And you've got to go through this at every new job. But eventually, you learn the ropes, make it through this stage and settle in.

    You've gone through this before at other jobs. And made it to the other side, where you knew what had to be done and how to do it. And adjusted to your job's schedule. Your experience has already proven that you've got what it takes, so I recommend telling yourself that you've done this before and can do it again - repeat as necessary. And keep reminding yourself that this time of adjustment is temporary; you will figure out what works best for you in terms of preparation, scheduling, etc., and this situation will become a lot more comfortable.

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