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Oh wise ones,

In my old age I have noticed that I have stopped pretending to know it all, I've stopped putting on an air that I'm totally together. I just don't have the energy anymore. I think I need to change this in the extent that my professional image I should be a little more guarded. I don't want to be looked over or underestimated. Maybe in my dating life too...

Anyone else go through this?

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    I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!! It is so freeing (once you get used to it)! People seem to appreciate my self-depreciating remarks, etc. i have found people to be much more amenable to compromise (probably because I am). I just am completely and totally in love with this great stage of imperfection-acceptance :-)

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    I embraced my inner doofus a decade ago and it was the single most freeing thing I have ever done.

    Be professional in your work life, yes. But, don't be stiff or reserved. People who are excellent at their craft often have a casualness about it that is incredibly reassuring.

    As for dating -- be your exact self. True connection only happens when people see each other for who they really are; anything else is a relationship built on fantasy.

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    It is good to have a different professional than private image. I usually follow this advice: When in doubt, DON'T

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