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Vixens, I have posted about my bad breakup couple of days back here but just today I received a message from a guy friend who has asked me to stay at his place next weekend. He wants to play around and get kinky with me. I on the other hand donít but my mind is so fucked up due to the breakup that I told him ďyes, okayĒ. I donít wanna do something I am gonna regret later. He has no clue about my breakup. He didnít even know I was in a live in relationship. My mind and heart has both stopped working after taking all the pain.


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    Oh, Anon. This post just breaks my heart.

    Cancel immediately.

    You're a living, breathing woman. You are not a blow-up doll. You are not a sex toy. You don't owe *anyone* sex.

    Also, back up a second. What kind of "friend" doesn't know that you were in a live-in relationship? Or that it ended?

    Friends are, by definition, people who are involved in your life. Who know you. Who love and support you.

    Honey, cancel. Seriously. This is not a friend. This is someone trying to take advantage of a confused woman with a broken heart.

    Cancel, and then block his ass. You deserve so much better.

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