Ask E. Jean - Tormented? Driven Wittess? Whipsawed by confusion?


E. Jean
123 pounds
(127 pounds after lunch)
Dogs: 2
Cats: None (at the moment.)
Caffeine: 480 milligrams per day.
Wine: yes.
Age: 623,144 hours
Cell: iPhone
Number of Ask E. Jean letters received each day
via Email: 30-40
Number of Ask E. Jean questions posted on 49,108
Monthly electric bill: $72
Carbon Footprint: Dainty as Jane Austen's
dancing slipper.
Aches: Lower back
Pains: Neck
Agonies: No, no, no---never agonies.
Computer: MacBook Air
Home: An island
in a cabin
in the Wawayanda Mountains of NY
Square feet of cabin: 660
(Somebody really is the old crone
on the mountain top, eh, folks?)
Number of companies E. Jean has founded or co-founded: 7 (two in college). Number of
companies E. Jean is
currently President of: 1.Tawkify.
(Kenneth Shaw is CEO)
Childhood Home:
1875 old schoolhouse
in the sticks---honey, the sticks---of
Northern Indiana.
Number of years the Ask E. Jean column has
run in Elle Magazine,
the world's largest (and coolest)
fashion magazine: 21
Number of years the Ask E. Jean TV show
ran live: 2
Total upload views on YouTube: 1,823,488
Number of people who find mates
by following
E. Jean's advice:
17 per day (estimated).
Percentage of Americans who have bought one of E. Jean's
four books: .00003% .
Magazines which named E. Jean a contributing editor: 4
(Esquire, Outside, Playboy, Elle).
Chance E. Jean would be named “best" anything: 1 in 13,000,000,000,000.
Times E. Jean actually was named Best True Crime Writer in America: 1
Crowns: 4
(Miss Cheerleader USA, Miss Indiana University,
Miss Something Something, and Queen of Something----will check on this and get back to you.)
Emmy Nominations:
1 for writing on Saturday Night Live
Ex-husbands: 2
(both spectacular chaps!)
Dollars E. Jean has paid to the Tuxedo New York Traffic Violations for reckless driving tickets: $375.00.
Talent: Cheerleading.
Dollars paid to The Warwick, New York Traffic Violations for
reckless driving: $200.
Biggest Misconception about E. Jean: Zero.
(Pretty much all conceptions
are true.)
Dollars paid to the states of Alabama and Pennsylvania for miscellaneous driving infractions: $250.
Number of "Firsts" on Planet Earth:
1(first white woman to walk from
Telefomin, in the Star Mountains
of Papua New Guinea,
to the border of Irian Jaya.)
Currently-held world record:
Oldest Women in Startups.
Number of People Who've Married Because They Followed E. Jean's Advice: 41,000 [estimate includes
Tawkify, the Ask E. Jean column,,, the Ask E. Jean TV show, Esquire pieces,
Playboy pieces, E. Jean's
books, hideous television
and her fire-apple red
Pick Up Truck she occasionally drives
into Manhattan (with the dogs), and,
after parking it somewhere
commences to shout advice
from the back of it.]

And . . . when you are in

a FOUL mood,

try E. Jean's little breakup game, Damn Love.

It's the Antidote to Tinder.



Artist: James Gustavson



Music:  Elizabeth Anderson




Design: Shamsi Brinn
Start-up Coding: Chantelle Farmer